• Very good mechanical properties
  • Very good level
  • good gloss
  • Suitable for industrial and general powder hybrid paints

Polyester Resin (Formerly Crylcoat)™


Crylcoat™ PR-7030 is a medium reactive carboxylated polyester resin for use in PR-7030 POWders. Coatings based on Crylcoat™ PR-7030 exhibit very good flow, high flexibility (+physical ageing)  and excellent outdoor weathering resistance.

Product Specifications

Appearance Pale granules
Brookfield Viscosity@ 200 °C (mPa s) 400-5700
Color b-value (40% in methyt pyrolydon) Max 10
Acid value (mg KOH/g) 30-45

Other Properties

Typical Value
Glass transition (°C) Approx 67

Technical Data Sheet

Extrusion & Application Conditions

Extruder Twin screw
Speed 250 rpm
Torque 70 to 80%
Temperature 95 to 105 °C
Application 60 micrometer film on 0.5 mm degreassed cold-rolled steel
Spray GUN Output voltage 60 KV
Curing 10 min @ 180 °C metal temperature

Film Properties

Test Result
Gloss @ 60° (%) Min 90
Overbaking resistance
(1h @ 200°C) (0.5 h @ 230° C)
Tape adnesion (%) 100
Conical mandrel passes
Enchsen slow embossing (mm) Approx 10
Direct impact on Al/steel (kg cm or in-lb) ≥80/> 160
Reverse impact on Al/steel (kg cm or in-lb) ≥80/> 160

Shelf Life

Under normal storage conditions (25°C) , the shelf life of the resin will be 12 months from date of manufacture. For product older than 12 months,it is recommended to check the acid value and the viscosity every year.

Safety & Environmental Protection

For more information. please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet.

Start Formulation

PR-7030 413.70
Epoxy resin (Jana SR 5014) 177.30
Ti 02 (Kronos 2160) 197.00
Blanc Fix 197.00
Benzoin 5.00
PV 88 (Worlee) 10.00
Total 1000.00 K


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